Friday, October 31, 2003 -
Drop Trio shows are now available on FurthurNet. For those of you not familiar with FurthurNet, it's a software application (similar to Napster in functionality) that lets live music fans download freely available concerts that have been taped all over the world, by hundreds of bands. For now, the only Drop Trio (abbreviation "dt") show available is our 5-10-03 concert at the Last Concert Cafe, but more shows will become available as they are converted. The show has already been downloaded a few times, in the 1 day its been available; it's in SHN (shorten) format, which is a lossless audio compression format.

By the way, our taping policy is very open - we love having people tape our shows, so long as the tapes are never sold commercially by anyone but us. So tapers, come one, come all!

Thursday, October 30, 2003 -
If you're a fan of Jazz in Houston, you probably know that one of the best rooms in town for Jazz is Cezanne. Located upstairs from the Black Lab restaurant @ 4100 Montrose, Cezanne is an intimate listener's room which hosts some of the best acoustic jazz this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Thanks to the musical proprietors (pianist Ken Ward and singer Dana Rogers), their concert calendar is second to none in Houston.

Tonight at Cezanne will be the year's last "Thursday Night Jam". If you're in the mood to hear some great local players improvising together for the first time, swing by - cover is $5 and the music goes from 8ish to midnight. Ian may get up on the keys for a tune or two.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003 -
Drop Trio tracks are now available from The Next Big Thing. It's a new music service where you fill out a form telling them which genres of music you like or don't like, and they match all the tracks in their database against your preferences and give you a list of the songs you're most likely to dig. You can listen to tracks, rate them, and then assemble a compilation CD from tracks you like, which you pay for and then they ship to you. Go take a look ...

Other Houston artists on there include the Free Radicals and the Bell Curve.

Passing this along from our friends Collective Hallucination:

This is Ant Boogie with Collective Hallucination. I am asking a prayer request from all of you. My father is very ill and not doing well. Please say a prayer for Jacob Frazier as you journey through your day.


Monday, October 27, 2003 -
Happy Birthday Drop Trio!

It was one year ago yesterday that Drop Trio played its first show ever, at the Sidecar Pub. Ah, memories. We had a shaky set of 6 or 7 tunes and an EP we had just recorded the week before. The show was attended by our wives, a couple friends, and several people who appeared not to have left the bar since 1982.

Since then we've played 65 shows, in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Lubbock. We've played bars, coffee shops, festivals, and awards showcases - often for great crowds, hanging on every note. We've released a full length album, met some of the greatest musicians in Houston (and elsewhere), and written dozens of songs. We've changed bass players more than once, played shows in the pouring rain and blistering heat, and driven hundreds of miles to play for 45 minutes.

Through all of it, the one sustaining factor has been the love that you all have for our humble music. Time and time again, when we feel frustrated or tired, somebody comes up to us to tell us how much our music moves them and means to them. That's the best feeling in the world, and it makes us want to never stop doing it.

So cheers to you, and happy birthday to Drop Trio! Many happy returns I hope.

Sunday, October 26, 2003 -
If you're looking for something good to do today, come out to the Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex for the Pauline Oliveros Foundation's "Call and Converge" festival, with live improvisatory music and art shows all day. The festivities start at 3pm, and Ian will be performing in a piece called "60 Musicians In 60 Minutes" at 8pm.

All right! 4 shows in 4 nights concluded successfully. Thanks to all the auspicious guests who came by last night at Brasil, as well as the new friends we met.

If you're new to Drop Trio, check out our music samples online, and sign up on our mailing list if you haven't already. Next show is on November 6th at the 12 spot.

Saturday, October 25, 2003 -
Thank you, everybody who came out to see us at Rhythm Room with the 'spo. We had a great show, and a great crowd, and it was nice to let loose with some RAWK. Thanks to Jeremy for great booking, Kirk(s) for doing such awesome sound, Olospo for having Ian up on stage to jam, Shake Kabibo for bringing me a flower, Outbound Music (and Sean the mohawk man) for helping us sell CDs, and Late Night Pie for having slices at 2:45am.

We're at Brasil tonight, so come on out!

Thursday, October 23, 2003 -
Somebody was asking recently how we promote our shows. The answer is that we do a lot of promotion, much of it online. Taking this week as an example, we've got 4 shows, plus two events we're attending and/or promoting on Sunday, for a grand total of 6 events this week:

  • Wednesday - Drop Duo @ Dean's Credit Clothing
  • Thursday - Drop Trio @ The Twelve Spot
  • Friday - Drop Trio @ Rhythm Room (Opening for Olospo)
  • Saturday - Drop Trio @ Brasil
  • Sunday - Ian performs in 60 Musicians in 60 Minutes, a Pauline Oliveros Foundation benefit.
  • Sunday - Houston Music Foundation's first benefit concert @ the Engine Room.

    So here's what we've done so far to promote some or all of these shows:

    1. Posted on online calendars:,, JazzHouston,,, Houston Press, and MusicTX.
    2. Wrote and sent an email to our mailing list, which is over 300 strong.
    3. Posted individualized messages on several online groups: Houston Jam Scene, Houston-Jams, Houston Bands Forum, HoustonEvents, HoustonMusicians, Action!Houston, Houston.Music newsgroup, Craigslist, Hands Up Houston, TeamHouston, Texas-Tribe.
    4. Sent notices via to several online & print music calendars: Houston Chronicle, KPFT Blueshound Calendar,, Space City Rock,, and the CityCafe web site.
    4. Printed flyers & schedules (we usually print them ourselves, at Kinkos, cuz we can't afford glossy flyers!)
    5. Went to networking meetings, handed out flyers.
    6. Put up posters at various locations around town.

    Whew. Did I miss anything?

    Now, if we could just find somebody we could pay to do this all stuff ...

  • Wednesday, October 22, 2003 -
    Tonight, head over to Dean's Credit Clothing (downtown, on Main St.) to see an interesting new Drop Trio twist - Drop Duo! Mike and Ian will be holding the fort for the first time, with Ian laying down bass with his left hand. This is a death-defying feat never before attempted by Drop Trio. If we survive, we'll let you know how it went. Come on down to Dean's and support (or heckle) us.

    Tuesday, October 21, 2003 -
    Big Dipper is now being carried by AllRecords on West Gray. Fred Allred, the owner, is one of the more knowledgeable record store proprietors in Houston, and if you swing in for a Drop Trio CD, there's a pretty good chance he can turn you on to some other stuff that suits your fancy. Give it a try ...

    Sunday, October 19, 2003 -
    Hey, if you're out and about this afternoon (Sunday, Oct 19th) swing by the KPFT studio (419 Lovett) and check out the KPFT Backyard Benefit. It's being put on in part by our friends Al & Courtney from, which if you don't already know of it, is an excellent local music advocacy group and online music store. You can buy Drop Trio CDs there, as well as music by tons of our Houston friends (Tru Sol, Free Radicals, Thomas Helton, Cindy Scott, etc.). Anyway, check out some of their artists today down at KPFT, and make your pledge while you're there - remember, KPFT is one of the best supporters of local music in Houston, and they need your help!

    Massive thanks, love and respect to all who came out to see us at the Dubtex warehouse party tonight. The show was incredible! We made lots of new friends, and saw lots of old ones.

    Now, get ready, it's gonna be a busy Drop Trio week! 4 shows, and more ... details to come, but for now check out our Showdates page!

    Saturday, October 18, 2003 -
    Ok, it's just about time - if you're not already doing so, make your way over to Chinatown for tonight's show with Dubtex. Word on the street is that doors open up at around 9 pm, and Drop Trio is slated to play at 11 pm or so. But you never know - these warehouse parties usually go on all night. B.ring Y.our O.wn B.everages, as long as they're not in glass containers, and come ready to go all night long. See you over there!

    Friday, October 17, 2003 -
    Big news in Drop Trio land. After lots of heartfelt discussion, we have come to a mutual decision: Marc has decided to pursue his role as lead guitarist in Little Brother Project full time and leave off playing bass with Drop Trio. We've loved playing with Marc, and we know he will continue to kick just as much ass with LBP as he has been with us. There are only so many hours in the day, and Marc is just one guy, so we decided both bands would be happier without trying to split him in half. We've all got to follow our dreams, and we support Marc's decision 100%. He will always be a part of Drop Trio, and we're already making plans for him to come back on guitar on a regular basis and make us a "Droptet".

    So ... until further notice, Nino (our good friend and original bass man) will be on bass at all of our shows. Unfortunately for us, Nino can't keep up with our 2004 road schedule due to a new baby he's expecting in May (and a pregnant wife in the mean time!). SO, we are officially on the lookout for a new member. Qualifications include: the ability to ride long distances in a funky bus for little or no money; a love for some strange, unlistenable kind of music (see Rush, Yes, Stockhausen, etc.); ability, nay, desire to play in time signatures not divisible by 4; a deep seated need to help me carry my Rhodes; and interest in a band that, by and large, makes people stop dancing and go "huh? hmm. dude.". Being able to play bass (electric or acoustic) really really well is also a plus.

    If you think you know somebody who might be interested, email us at [email protected].

    Thursday, October 16, 2003 -
    Just saw that our web site is now getting about 50 unique visitors a day. That's great! It means that people are interested in checking out our music and keeping tabs on us. We've got some ideas for web site updates that are coming down the pike soon, including a revamped music section and a whole bunch of new links on our links page. Any suggestions for what else we should do with the site? What would you like to see? Let us know!

    Wednesday, October 15, 2003 -
    Just added a great Baton Rouge weekend to our schedule in November! On the Friday the 14th we're going to be on KLSU radio (between 4 and 5 pm). Then that night we'll be playing at Cafe Reggae. Then on Saturday the 15th, Drop will open for Righteous Buddha at The Mellow Mushroom. More details to come on all those shows - just wanted to give our Baton Rouge people a heads up!

    Tuesday, October 14, 2003 -
    Spotted a few folks over at the Soular Grooves 6th anniversary party at Brasil tonight - DJ Sun, obviously, and the rest of the SG crew (like DJ Suma, for example) - also saw Edwin from Phuz, Robert Smalls from D.R.U.M., Henry Darragh, and a whole bunch of other folks. If you missed it, well, too bad - you'll have to wait till lucky #7 next year. You can still catch them every Saturday night on Soular Grooves radio, on KPFT 90.1 FM. (By the way, it's KPFT fund drive time - if you haven't supported them yet, do it now - they're one of the best things indie music in Houston has going.)

    Monday, October 13, 2003 -
    From the folks in Dubtex:

    Saturday, October 11, 2003 -
    Big thanks to everyone who came out! We had an awesome turnout, and the crowd was loving all the weird jazz. TDU kicked butt and even asked Ian up for a Sun Ra cover tune. Swirve wowed the crowd (they've got a new web site and CD by the way). Drop Trio played pretty hard (my fingers hurt!), without an organ even - the sampler proved to be a great addition to an already weird evening. And Sketchy brought it home with an hour long non-stop set. Our recording didn't come out, unfortunately, so if you weren't there ... too bad! You'll just have to make it out to the next one. Which is next Saturday - Fire and Ice with Dubtex - get ready!

    Friday, October 10, 2003 -
    OK, watch out ... Ian just got a sampler, so things are going to get weirder than expected this evening at Super Happy Fun Land. Just a warning.

    Thursday, October 09, 2003 -
    Our sister band Little Brother Project has announced that they're taking a haitus from playing their weekly thing at Dean's after this week, to write new tunes and work on an album. So tonight is your last chance to see them downtown! Dean's is about 1 block away from the Twelve Spot, where we'll be, so you can get two birds with one stone! Come on downtown, roll up your pants and hear some great music.

    Wednesday, October 08, 2003 -
    The 12 Spot has a new web site! It looks great. They also just sent out their first e-flyer, for our show tomorrow night (10.9) - take a look! (Note: the flyer says "Mike, Ian & Marc" but it's actually a picture of Mike, Ian & Nino (he's the one who's been playing most of our recent 12 spot shows.) Don't be fooled!)

    Tuesday, October 07, 2003 -
    Getting some good promotion for our show on Friday night at SHFL - it was just posted up on Here's the skinny:


    Bi-Polar Jazz Show - Friday, 10.10 (FULL MOON!)
    Super Happy Fun Land - 2610 Ashland St. -
    Show starts at 8:00 - $5, All Ages

    It's October, and full moon is coming - time to let out the atonal beast within! Come up to Super Happy Fun Land this Friday night, 10.10, to celebrate the full moon with 4 of Houston's finest improvising groups (well, OK, one is from Dallas). The bands will careen between sanity and lunacy, blending calm grooves with moments of blinding gibbous irrationality.


    The Defenestration Unit - 8:00 pm -
    Swirve - 9:10 pm - From Dallas, TX
    Drop Trio - 10:20 pm -
    Sketchy - 11:30 pm -

    Monday, October 06, 2003 -
    Drop Trio did a lot of traveling this weekend, but in 3 different directions. Marc went off to Austin with Little Brother Project for a 2nd gig at Tambaleo.

    Mike and family headed out to Louisiana. Louisiana is a funny place. How many states are there where you could drive past a sign that says "T-Shirts, postcards and alligators"?

    Ian headed up to Yankee country (upstate New York) for his sister's wedding, which was great. We've been told that there was a late night jam session with some high school friends that occurred in the hotel lobby. Reports confirm that the song was not Heart and Soul.

    Now we're back and getting in the swing for 2 shows this week - our regular bi-weekly Thursday night at the 12 spot, and the a special weird show at Super Happy Fun Land on Friday. More info to come on that one soon ...

    Wednesday, October 01, 2003 -
    Ian is off in New York for the weekend, so no Drop Trio shows until next week, when we've got a 12 spot show and a really special (but strange) show at Super Happy Fun Land (the Bi-Polar full moon jazz show).

    In the mean time, you can catch Marc in Little Brother Project twice this week! Once in Houston at Dean's Credit Clothing on Thursday, and then in Austin for the Widespread Panic afterparty at Tambaleo. Show 'em some love!

    Spaceship jazz from Texas.

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