Sunday, February 01, 2004 -
(Nino's first blog entry)

Greetings again from we three! A big thanks to all those we made it to Rhythm Room last night to partake in our ridiculous display of funky jazzy sounds. We had a killer night with our friends Plump, and not a moment too soon considering our previous show was disaster-ridden (see previous blog entry).

This show sounded extra sexy because we had an extra soundman on the job that evening. Our new friend Jason Priesman, who normally runs sound for Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, among others, was there tending to every aural detail of our show. So after a rock star sound check, Mike and Nino (and Mike's wife, Deb) made their way to Star Pizza down the road. There, they paid homage to the long lost venue next to it, made tasteless jokes about - oh, everything - and enjoyed some very slowly made pizza and pasta.

Back to the Rhythm Room, where a newly enlightened Ian declared it was time to start, the trio tore into the opening track with impunity, with a special loaner keyboard from LBP's Conrad (thanks!). And "No", we are not sure about the immediate future of Ian's injured VK-7.

The show was loud, intense, funky, junky, and did we mention loud? The members of Plump pelted us with much love and praise after our set and then proceeded to show us up with a super tight, crazy, fun-filled, people dancing like fools, jivin', rockin', groovin', rappin', crowd-pleasing set of their own. Lovely! Our brothers-in-groove always aim to please.

Drive home yielded some scary moments for Mike, Nino, and Deb. Seems as if a white sedan was following them home. Changing lanes right with them, taking their exits, going their speed (at times 45 mph on I-45). Nino proceeded to call HPD and inquire as to what to do about their pursuer. But after being transferred to 50 different operators, Mike grew tired of the wait and took action, waving the mysterious sedan to come beside their van. Sure enough, the car sped up next to them - and then immediately fell back and dissolved into the cluttered north freeway traffic, not to be seen again. We still wonder if that poor lady ever actually caught up with the people she was supposed to be following. Alas, HPD was called off.

Peace/love to all.

Spaceship jazz from Texas.

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