Sunday, February 22, 2004 -
We had a super cool show (in more ways than one) last night in Bryan, TX.

When we pulled into town aroung 5pm, we were shuttled straight over to the local public radio station, KEOS, where we proceeded to play a short set live over the radio. The host, Anthony, has one of the coolest radio voices we have ever heard, and everybody was incredibly nice and receptive there.

After dinner at Mr. G's pizza (yum) we trucked back over to Revolution, the bar we were playing in. The Jim Owsley quartet, a local band, opened up with some highly tasty funk & jazz covers. We were originally supposed to play inside, so we set up all our gear indoors. But when the time came, the decision was made that since there were so many people there to see us, we should play outdoors instead - so we broke down the whole setup and moved it outside in record time. We played outside for over 2 hours in the chilly Feburary night air - definitely gave us some more sympathy for the OM Trio guys we watched do the same thing last weekend in Austin.

We taped both performances, so if they come out well, expect to see 'em in the music section before long. Ian's new Nomad Jukebox has been working like a charm and has dramatically improved our transfer-to-web time (you can hear our first tape with it on the recent Rhythm Room show, in the music section).

All around, it was a great trip. As usual, we managed to drive for 30 minutes in the wrong direction on the way out of town. We are raging geniuses when it comes to navigation. Anybody feel like donating a GPS? :)

Spaceship jazz from Texas.

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