Wednesday, April 14, 2004 - Note from Nino
Hey all, Nino here...

I am thrilled and excited to say that my wife, Tara, will be giving birth to our daughter in the next couple of weeks! Her and baby are healthy so far, and the delivery promises to be normal and groovy. I'll be out of pocket, Drop Trio wise, for a little bit while I get adjusted to the new little one, but Mike and Ian are going to still be gigging and making appearances everywhere - so be sure to get out and dig on the groove, the love, and the funk! Many brilliant Houston bassists have stepped up to the plate to fill in while I am out, and believe you me it'll be worth your time to see them do their thing with Mike and Ian.

In other news, I visited Mike to see the extent of his injuries, and he seems to be doing ok. He arm has a good cut on it, and his hip is bruised, but he is indeed ok. He's better now that he managed to yank yet another a chunk of glass out of his arm on Monday. Excuse my while I shudder! As for his van...well...let's all say a prayer as it ascends into Car Heaven, which should look something like the automotive section at Super KMart.

While I psychotically go back and forth between "new baby euphoria" and "nightmarish music withdrawal", do check the Drop Trio website regularly for showdates and other cool news as often as you can: Drop Trio is not hardly slowing down!

Spaceship jazz from Texas.

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