Saturday, June 05, 2004 - At the bistro
We could just take yesterday's post and put it up again ... "Last night's show was great, and we're playing again tonight."

Mike and I got to Rudyard's around 9 and had a couple drinks with the other band members. (The perpetually early Patrick slept through his alarm, but it was OK, because we didn't go on until later than planned anyway, as is typical at Rudz. But don't expect us to let Mr. Sleepy Head off the hook about it anytime soon.) Mike bumped into his Trombone playing friend Alfred, who is a recent addition to the Clouseaux juggernaut. We discovered a few other funny crossovers - Mike used to work with Jay's wife, etc, etc.

Our set was very energetic, egged on by all the enthusiastic folks in the crowd, plus the members of Les Saucy Pants (a teriffic Austin band that reminded us of a cross between the B-52s and a ska band) and of course, Clouseaux. It was nice to finally get to play for each other. We felt like we played one of our best shows in recent memory - things just flowed naturally. Joe O. gave us a great board mix of the show, so if it came out we'll post it here soon. As we expected from this show, the other bands blew us away ... but the show must go on. :)

... and tonight, the show does go on, up in the Woodlands at Benton's Bistro. We start around 8, so come on down for some gumbo and funk jazz. And come meet Pennie Layne - this show'll have Nino on bass for the first time since delivery, and we hear he's bringing the young'un.

Spaceship jazz from Texas.

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