Thursday, October 14, 2004 - Sugarhill Press Release
Sugarhill studios put out this press release today:


For media inquiries,
Contact: Heba Kadry
Phone: 713-926-4431
Email: [email protected]

Drop Trio at SugarHill

(HOUSTON, TEXAS) ‹ October 11th, 2004 ‹

Houston's favorite instrumental jazz funk group Drop Trio will release their second album entitled Leap this month. The band decided to take this project in a different direction by recording an album that was entirely improvised.

Ian Varley, the band's piano and Rhodes extraordinaire and two time Houston Press Music Awards winner (2003 and 2004) said, "We didn't write any songs or rehearse any parts. We just came into the studio with a totally blank slate and recorded on the spur of the moment."

The album was tracked in two hours on February 29, 2004 at SugarHill Recording Studios with Staff Engineer John Griffin. The band then took the material to their home studio for editing. They then returned to SugarHill to mix with Griffin and master the project at SugarHill's sister company Essential Sound. Ian Varley, Nuje Blattel and Patrick Flanagan shared production credits on the album.

"What we ended up with was about 14 distinct sections. The music rarely
stops between tracks, but still the different sections ended up sounding
like different 'songs,'" Varley commented.

The band plans to have a release party for the album on Saturday, October 23 at Last Concert Café in addition to an in-store performance at Cactus Music & Video at noon that same day.

Musicians on the album included:
Nuje Blattel - Drums, percussion, Rhodes, Hammond H-3, kazoo, hand owl, vocals
Ian Varley - Piano, Rhodes, Hammond B-3
Nino Batista - Bass, guitar, percussion, recorder

For more information on Drop Trio, please visit

Photo attached: (From left to right): Ian Varley, John Griffin, Nuje Blattel.

Located in Houston, SugarHill Recording Studios is the oldest continuously operating facility in Texas. With over 60 years of music-making history, we have an award-winning engineering staff and a collection of both leading edge and vintage equipment. For more information, visit our website at

Pretty cool - thanks Sugarhill, not just for the press release, but for making our record sound incredible!

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